Luna E – E235



Independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media have given the e235 Luna E 2.1 Edifier speaker system the 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honouree. Its outstanding design and engineering have set it apart from competitors.

With a signal reception range of up to 300 feet and the use of Bluetooth 4.0 this audio system achieves high-quality sound no matter where you place it. Best of all, it can be controlled from virtually anywhere in your house through your paired device.

This powerful 2.1 speaker system also features connectivity via optical or auxiliary input port.


Producing crisp highs and mids while delivering rich lows, Exclaim Connect is ideal for PC/laptop audio. With a unique look that seamlessly blends smooth curves and straight lines, this bookshelf speaker is also the perfect accessory for your desktop.

Each satellite houses 3 active speaker drivers and 2 passive radiators, maximizing audio performance. The upper section of each satellite contains two 1½” midrange/tweeters and a 1½” by 3″ passive radiators. While the base section contains a 3″ woofer and a 3″ passive bass radiator for rich, powerful bass.


Power output : RMS 16W × 2 + 22W x 2 + 100W
Signal to noise ratio : ≥85dBA
Input sensitivity : AUX: R/L: 550±50mV
SW: 800±50mV
Optical: R/L: 300±50mFFS
SW: 250±50mFFS
Input type : Optical/AUX/Bluetooth
Bass unit : 8 inch (210mm)
Mid-range unit : 3 inch (82mm)
Treble unit : Φ19mm silk dome
EAN code : 6923520264810 (Red)
6923520265404 (Black)0mm (W x H x D)

Weight : 2.3Kg (net) 2.9Kg (gross)